Frequently Asked Questions

I’ll be adding more Q&A as time goes on

What is your Photography Style ?

I believe that photographing people is not about equipment or tired poses. It’s all about capturing the emotions which are truly meaningful to you.

Photographers vary in style e.g. formal, classic or photojournalistic. As a photographer of people, I find the best photographs are often those which are taken of the spontaneous moments which arise during any event.

Many people have described my method of working as unobtrusive and natural – this allows me to get beyond the standard wedding day poses, and get great photos with a minimum of fuss (the majority of my photos are taken like this).

Sometimes referred to as reportage or documentary photography, it’s a more contemporary, relaxed style. However, I always encourage people to have some formal family photographs taken, as these will become the family treasures of the future. The power of a photograph to evoke memories should not be underestimated.

What areas do you cover ?

I’m based in the Dublin/Dún Laoghaire area. I regularly travel to all corners of Ireland to shoot weddings.

When should I book ?

Once you’ve chosen the date and locations – you should start looking for your photographer. This especially applies during the peak times of May – September and the Christmas period. My booking times have varied from about 2 weeks to 2 years+. However, most are in the current or following calendar years.

How do I book ?

I confirm all bookings by means of a signed contract and a booking deposit. Both are required before any booking is confirmed.

How long does it take to get my photos/album ?

You will normally be able to view your images online within two to four weeks of the wedding date. Once they’re online – it’s up to you to set the album process in motion. Most people do this within a year of the wedding, but it can happen much sooner, if you wish.

What’s your logo about ?

Well, it’s pretty straightforward – and comes from two things :

(1) A stylized version of my initials (FC)

(2) Two people embracing – very relevant for weddings naturally

Some boring but important things

I’m a full-time, professional photographer. I have different forms of professional insurance and lots of backup equipment to cover most foreseeable eventualities. Finally, should I be unable to photograph your wedding because of accident or illness – I have access to a backup network of fellow professionals who will step in.

Photo Copyright & Usage

My Wedding clients already get full usage rights to copy and print their images for all their own uses.

However, I have recently had a few problems with some of my online photos being used by others without permission. In relation to this, I try to guard my copyright as carefully as possible – so the rule is – “Always ask before using”.

If you’re a charity, I will look favourably on your request. If it’s for private, non-commercial use, I will consider each request on its merits. If you’re a wedding-related business, then we can talk. If it’s for commercial use, then you pay. Simple really. In all cases, I expect acknowledgement of my copyright.

It’s always good manners, and keeping on the right side of the law to ask first. Good manners, and a quick request in advance is simply the right way to do things – always.



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