(Very) short biography

Frank Courtney Photograper Portrait“Always keep the sun behind you, over your shoulder” – was the advice my father was trying to give me as I attempted to take my very first photograph. He had just given me my first camera as a birthday present. That was many years ago, and I’ve moved on a long way – in terms of my composition, lighting and equipment since then !

I’m a full time Irish wedding photographer, in business for over 11 years and based in Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin. Originally I come from Trim in Co. Meath. You can find some of my photos from there –  on this site, and the other sites referenced on the ‘Links’ page (like my personal and Trim photo site).

You know – it’s funny, but I only have 2 photos from my parent’s wedding. They were both formal photos from Lafayette in Dublin – a company still in business. That was quite common in those days. Times have now changed, but I often wish I had more photos to show me how their day went, and how the rest of my extended family enjoyed the event. Anyone getting married now expects a lot more, and will leave a lot more memories for their children and children’s children.

Photography Style

I think many people (including me !) would describe my method of working as unobtrusive and natural – this allows me to get beyond the standard wedding day poses. I do pose you when needed, as well as helping you to relax and get great photos with a minimum of fuss. My priorities are making you look good, and capturing the true essence of your day. I know that everyone is different, and I’m able to adjust my approach accordingly.

Yes, I take the usual posed and formal photographs. But as well as these, most are unposed and spontaneous images which really tell the story of the wedding day. This can be tweaked, depending on your own preferences (but the majority of my photos are taken like this). The best photographs are often of those unique and unexpected moments which will be remembered forever.

This usually doesn’t happen by accident – I also do some planning with you in advance. I use my experience to help ensure your day flows smoothly, and that you get all the photos you want – in the easiest way possible.

 A few more professional details

I’ve been taking photographs for many years, and am continually updating my skills and knowledge. I’ve attended numerous courses and workshops in various photographic techniques like portraiture, wedding photography, lighting and photoshop. I’ll continue to do this as long as I’m taking photographs – there’s always something new to learn.
Like most good photographers, I believe that the most important factor in the taking of a good photograph is the person behind the camera and their skills – not just the equipment.

Next – the boring but important stuff. I have professional insurance – often required to work in locations like hotels and heritage properties – and multiple sets of backup equipment. For those who are interested, I use professional Canon Digital SLR camera equipment.

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