Veronica & Alan are now living in Australia, but came back to Ireland for their wedding. This was my very last wedding of 2012 – on New Year’s Eve. We thought the weather was going to be pretty bad, so took the precaution of taking some photos outside in the morning – just in case.

In the end, the weather was bright and sunny a lot of the time – but with a lot of heavy showers. The wedding ceremony was in Straide Church and we then moved on to Belleek Castle for the reception. It’s an amazing venue for weddings – with tons of atmosphere. Lots of wonderful rooms, cellars, stonework and a bar constructed partly from the remains of a Spanish Armada ship !

Front Door of Belleek Castle with Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations in the entrance hallway

Fireplace + Christmas decorations

Makeup for the Bride

Makeup & Hair complete, ready for the dress

Wedding shoes on the wedding dress

Bride and friends daughter

Groom & Best Man getting ready

Groom & best man share a joke outside the castle

At the castle door

Bridesmaid and bride at the castle

Wedding ceremony - exchange of vows

Putting the rings on

Husband & Wife - just married !

Walking down the aisle

Bride & groom leaving the church in their Wedding Car

Bride & Groom kiss at the castle entrance

Couple, now married, back at the castle

Bridal Portrait at the castle door

Bride outdoors holding bouquet

Bride at the door

Entrance Hallway of Belleek Castle - with candles

Bride & Groom on front of the huge fireplace

Fireplace in the cellar room

Ready for the wedding reception in the cellar

View of some guests at the wedding reception

Wedding reception guests

Top table - father's speech

Wedding and engagement rings (photographed on the Ceremony Booklet)