As I drove north towards Clones, I remember being a little disappointed, that it was such a wet day – not for myself, but for the couple who were getting married. It had cleared a little by the time I arrived, but the streets were still wet, and the day was still looking pretty miserable. Although I can take photographs and work-around pretty much any weather, it makes it much easier for everyone involved, if the days is dry.

Adeline & Roberto met each other (and live) in Wales, but Adeline came back home to her family home in Clones for her wedding in the local Sacred Heart Church. The church is not far from the house, and I met Roberto and his family there for the first time.

By the time the ceremony had finished, the weather looked a lot better, and we headed over to a local location for some family and couple photographs. On the way, we were stopped seemingly forever at one set of traffic lights – waiting for them to change. Eventually, a passer-by told the driver of the wedding car that he wasn’t stopped over the road sensor – and if he didn’t move a little forward, the lights would never change ! We did get moving in the end.

Following some family and couple photos (with champagne, of course) we travelled on to the Cavan Crystal Hotel. It’s actually a bit different inside from what I expected, with a high and light atrium, and an interesting balcony overlooking the entrance area with a distinctive chandelier. There’s also a slightly different garden area, with some unusual wire “pods” or pergolas.  By that stage, there was even some sunshine to be seen, and so we took the opportunity to get some more photos both outside and inside.

Next, came the main reception meal, and before we know it, we had a couple of very short speeches, the traditional wedding-cake cutting, then onto the first dance. I left a while later, when the dancing was still going strong.

Bridal Preparation with bridesmaids

Bridal Portrait at home

Groom waiting in the church

Bride & Mother arrive at the church

Sacred Heart Church, Clones during the ceremony

View of Sacred Heart Church, Clones during the ceremony

Leaving the church and Rolls-Royce

Groom & Bride portraits

Photos at the Cavan Crystal Hotel

Wedding Rings and reception room

Cutting the wedding cake

Dancing following the reception