It’s still quite common that when I  reach a bride’s house to photograph the preparations and ‘getting ready’, the first thing I notice is a Child of Prague statue outside. This is a very old custom, and just in case you didn’t already know, the purpose is to prevent rain on the Wedding Day.

This was certainly something my mother did, and believed in. However, she had some additional requirements – which are often forgotten or ignored these days. According to her, the head had to have been broken off or damaged “accidentally” and then stuck back on with glue. These accidents invariably happened quite early in the life of a new statue ! Some people also believe you should put it under a hedge or even bury it. These days the custom is probably preserved more by the mother of the bride, but it does still live on.

So – does it work ?  Who am I to say…..

You can view some more background information on the custom here