I remember that morning well – I had just carefully arranged the bouquet on the mantelpiece, to blend in with the Christmas decorations. I then stepped back to take some photos, only to see the bouquet slowly fall sideways and knock some glass ornaments onto the fireplace. The breaking noise was heard from upstairs – and everyone arrived to see what had happened. Luckily, it was only a couple of small glass globes – and the rest of the day went smoothly after that !

Leonie & Gordon had their Winter Wedding right in the heart of Dublin. Unusually (for an Irish wedding anyway) they decided to have a “First Look” meeting before the ceremony – in Iveagh Gardens. This was for very practical reasons – by the end of the ceremony, they knew it would be too dark for most photos. So we headed from the bridal preparations at her parent’s house directly to Iveagh Gardens. We had chosen that location because, apart from being very picturesque, it’s normally reasonably quiet. Last but not least, it’s just around the corner from the University Church.

That morning we had some lovely December sunshine, though it was still a bit chilly. Coats and wraps were removed and added in between the photos, and everyone managed to stay fairly comfortable. We then went around the corner to the church, where the ceremony took place. Following that, we did a short walkabout around the top end of Grafton St. to take in the Christmas lights. This worked well, though as sometimes happens, a gremlin intervened to ensure the nearest set of lights were out of action.

Following our short walkabout, we then headed to Fitzwilliam LTC where a few of the family are current or past members. I left followign the speeches, and later reports of the night were all that a great time was had by all.

Christmas Decorations and Wedding Bouquets in the Bride's home

Dress & Shoes at home

Bride & her family at home, before leaving

Bridal preparation at home

Bride & Veil at home

Arriving at Iveagh Gardens for the "First Look"Bridal portrait, with flowing veil, in Iveagh Gardens

Church details at the University Church - St. Stephen's Green

Bridal Party (includeing the flower girl) arriving at the church

Groom and Best Man (and some family) waiting int he church for the bride to arrive

Wedding Ceremony and candle lighting

View of the church from the balcony during the wedding ceremony

Bride & Groom - leaving the church after the ceremony

Wedding toast in the car & Elsa keeping an eye on the Bride & Groom at Grafton Street - all lit up for Christmas

Post-cerremony walkabout in Dublin - Neary's Pub and Gaiety Theatre lights

Bride & Groom pose with Christmas Lights in Grafton St.

Table details in the reception room at Fitzwilliam LTC

Wedding cake decorations and details at the Fitzwilliam LTC

Wedding Rings photographed with the Order of Service