This Christmas wedding started on a bright but chilly day at the bride’s home. Carolyn and Cathal are now living in Vancouver, and I had met them during the Summer for a chat and a few “Engagement Photos” in St. Stephen’s Green. One of these was used for the signing photo you can see below. As I was photographing the bride, a colleague of mine Stephen Sheridan was with the groom and groomsmen.

We then went on to the University Church. It’s a hidden gem in St. Stephen’s Green, and often overlooked by casual passers-by. It’s had a few refurbishments in recent years, and is now looking very well, with a gold Baroque interior. It can be a little dark though – especially on some Winter days. Following the ceremony, we went into the park and then onto Grafton St. for some more photos. It was still a little early for the Christmas Lights to be visible, so we went into Neary’s Pub for a quick drink. Then, back to the Shelbourne, to be welcomed in to the sound of bagpipes.

Inside there were some more photos – some family ones and a few posed ones – mainly on the stairway landing. Finally, we went on the the main reception room for the meal, followed by dancing. The couple had a magnificent Cheese Cake as an interesting alternative to the usual wedding cake.


Wedding Dress, bouquets, wedding shoes

Getting Ready before leaving for the ceremony

University Church details - St. Stephen's Green

At the church + wedding car arrival

University Church - during the ceremony

Interior church views during the wedding

Couple walk back along the aisle

photos after the ceremony

Monochrome photos of the wedding party and couple

Wedding Party go for a walkabout in Grafton St. and Nearys

Couple outside the hotel door Bridal portraits on the Shelbourne Hotel landing

Portaits on the stairway Details from the Wedding reception in the Shelbourne Hotel

Wedding Reception photos

Wedding Couple in the Shelbourne Ballroom - first dance