Bride destination magazine cover (from Australia)

I just thought I’d write a quick post here about destination weddings in Ireland. Although I’m not a wedding planner, I do have a lot of experience of dealing with couples who are not living in Ireland, but are getting married here. Some are Irish, but living abroad, some couples have one Irish partner and others just want to get married here. The third category have a very romantic notion of having their wedding here – and in most cases it’s pretty much justified ! The most common countries involved are not that surprising either : UK, USA, Australia and Canada represent the vast majority of couples.

These days much of the details can be sorted out via email/Skype/telephone. It’s also likely that you will be visiting Ireland at some stage before the wedding – and I’m happy to meet and go through things at that stage. As I said, I’m not a wedding planner – but can help with information and advice on a lot of the aspects of getting married here.

Some couples will have their ‘legal’ ceremonies abroad, with a more informal ceremony here – and that works fine for many. However, If you do want to get legally married here – there are quite a lot of details to arrange. These two sites should get you started with the requirements :

General Register Office – Getting Married

Citizens Information – getting married