Frequently Asked Questions

Some common questions about my Wedding Photograph business and photos.

What is your Photography Style ?

I truly believe that photographing people is not about equipment or tired poses. It’s all about capturing the emotions which are truly meaningful to you. Photographers use different words to describe their style e.g. formal, documentary, classic or photo-journalistic. In reality, words are very limited in describing a “style”. So, to get the best description of my style, have a look at the photos in my wedding portfolio gallery or browse through the weddings in the Real Weddings pages. If you like what you see, then you like my style !

Many people have described my method of working as unobtrusive and natural – this allows me to go beyond the standard wedding day poses, and get great photos with a minimum of fuss (the majority of my photos are taken like this).  I find the best photographs are often those which are taken of the spontaneous moments which arise during any event. About 80-90% of the images from your day will have no (or very minimal) intervention from me.

Finally, I always encourage people to have some formal family photographs taken, as these will become the family treasures of the future. It’s a great opportunity to get images of everyone together in one place. The power of a photograph to evoke memories should never be underestimated.

What areas do you cover ?

I’m based in the Dublin/Dún Laoghaire area.  I regularly travel to all parts of Ireland to shoot weddings.

When should I book ?

Once you’ve chosen the date and locations – you should start looking for your photographer. This especially applies for weddings during the peak times of May – September and the Christmas period. As you might guess, weekends (Friday & Saturdays) are also the busiest days, and the most likely to be booked first.

My booking times have varied from about 2 weeks to 2 years+. However, most are in the current or following calendar years.

How do I book ?

Wherever possible, I like to meet beforehand and have a chat about your wedding day. It’s designed to get an idea of what’s happening during the day, and what you would like (and maybe dislike) about wedding photography. When it isn’t practical, a phone call or Skype will also work.

Once we’ve discussed and agreed the main details, I confirm all bookings by means of a signed contract and a booking deposit. Both are required before any booking is confirmed. The contract sets out what you can expect to receive (e.g. coverage hours, albums etc).

Finally, closer to the wedding date, I’ll get in touch again to confirm all the details (especially times and locations), as these might have changed since our initial meeting.

What's an Engagement Shoot ?

An Engagement Shoot is an informal photo session which takes place sometime sometime between your engagement and your wedding. It normally lasts from 1-2 hours, and often takes place in a park or a location of significance to you.

There are a few reasons to do it :

  • Allows everyone to get to know each other a bit better
  • Gets you used to being photographed, and what you like and dislike
  • Allows the photographer to see what method and style of photography works best for you

The photographs themselves will be edited in the normal way, and included along with your wedding images. However, most people also use them for a personalised guest book or a “signing frame” for guests.



How long does it take to get my photos and album ?

You will normally be able to view your images online within four to six weeks of the wedding date, usually sooner.

Once the photos are online – it’s up to you to set the album process in motion. Most people do this within a year of the wedding, but it can happen much sooner, if you wish.

You can select all the photos for your album yourself, or leave it to me. Most people choose to do it themselves. However, I will always make suggestions if I think a better image is available than one of those you’ve chosen.

Once you’ve made your selection, then I design a unique album based on those photos. I share this design with you and you can make tweaks, and swap images at this stage. Once you approve the design, it will be sent off for production. The production stage normally takes about 4-6 weeks. I then check the final product(s) and arrange to deliver or send them on to you.

What are Parent Albums ?

“Parent Albums” are reduced-size copies of your main album. They have the same design and images. They are always in storybook format – irrespective of whether the main album is storybook or matted/traditional format.

You may have parent albums included in your package or as an add-on item. They are available at a special price because the album companies produce them at the same time and from the same source as the main album. Sometimes people would like them to be “tweaked “, and have some different photos or design from the main album. However, this is only possible by designing and ordering completely separate albums, which would have to be at an additional cost.

They aren’t just for parents either, sometimes they are given to other members of the family, wedding party or friends.

What sort of editing/retouching do you do for the photos ?

All the images supplied to you have standard editing included. This covers things like colour balance, straightening, cropping, sharpening, lightness and contrast adjustments. Some other minor editing changes may be made at the photographer’s discretion. A selection of images will often have some Black & White versions included.

What will not be routinely included are things like :

  • Skin Smoothing (aka airbrushing)
  • Adding textures or “special effects”
  • Removing skin imperfections/spots etc.
  • Removing people or things from the image
  • Image composites (adding objects or merging 2 images)

Album images however may include any/all of the above, and be individually re-edited to show them at their best. This includes artistic finishing and processing to the photographer’s normal standard.

Special requests for complex retouching will be individually assessed and outsourced to a specialist retoucher. A quote for this will be provided before proceeding.

What about a 2nd Photographer ?

Normally I shoot alone, or occasionally with a (non-shooting) assistant. In practice, I’ve found I can cover everything which is needed by myself. However, there may be a few situations where a 2nd photographer may be useful – in those cases, I can arrange this for all or part of the wedding day. The most common situations where you may consider using a 2nd photographer are :

(a) To cover all the groom and groomsmen getting ready. Where practical, I will cover this myself – but if the locations don’t work, and you really want this, then a 2nd shooter can cover it. In any case, I aim to arrive early at the ceremony location, so there is an opportunity to photograph the groom and groomsmen there.

(b) Where the couple want to go off to other locations for photos, which might take an expended period of time. In this case, the 2nd photographer can remain with the main group of guests.

(c) Where there is a particularly large number of guests.

Anything else I should know ?

I’m a full-time, professional photographer. I have different forms of professional insurance and lots of backup equipment to cover most foreseeable eventualities. Finally, should I be unable to photograph your wedding because of accident or illness – I have access to a backup network of fellow professionals who will step in.

You should also take a look at two posts I’ve written to help : Questions for your Wedding Photographer and my take on Shot Lists

What’s your logo about ?

Well, it’s pretty straightforward – and comes from two things :

(1) A stylized version of my initials (FC)

(2) Two people embracing – very relevant for weddings naturally

Photo Copyright & Usage

My lovely Wedding Clients already get full usage rights to copy and print their images for all their own uses.

However, I have recently had a few problems with some of my online photos being used by others without permission. In relation to this, I try to guard my copyright as carefully as possible – so the rule is – “Always ask before using”.

If you’re a charity, I will look favourably on your request. If it’s for private, non-commercial use, I will consider each request on its merits. If you’re a wedding-related business, then we can talk. If it’s for commercial use, then you need to pay. Simple really. In all cases, I expect acknowledgement of my copyright.

It’s always good manners, and keeping on the right side of the law to ask first. Good manners, and a quick request in advance is simply the right way to do things – always.

“Hi Frank,

Just opened the mail and was very excited to see our photos had arrived. They are absolutely fantastic. We are thrilled with them. We have a huge job ahead of us so it might be awhile before we get back!! You have put us to work! Overjoyed with the photos

Many many thanks”

Claire & Fin