Anne-Marie & Bonne got married in Finnstown House back in June. Anne-Marie is Irish and Bonne is Dutch, and they both now live in the Netherlands.

Sign saying "Here comes the Bride

Groom and groomsmenBonne with the best man and other groomsmen – they had stayed overnight in Finnstown, and were ready bright and early on the morning of the wedding.

Wedding shoes hanging on a chandelierWedding shoes hanging on a chandelier in the bride’s house.

Bridal makeup & reflection in a mirrir

Wedding flowers, candles & a photo with the Bride's parents

Heart-shaped balloonsSome heart-shaped balloons creating the right atmosphere in the bride’s house

Lighting the unity candle during the marrige ceremony

The recessional - leaving the church

Newlyweds posing at the church porch

Couple at Finnstown, beside the bicycle

Bicycle with flowers in the front basket

Going for a short ride on the bicycleA very short bicycle ride – just around the house

Photos using the Finnstown gazebo

Bride arriving into the reception

Wedding cake with candles on both sides

Wedding rings

Bride and groom listening and reacting to the speeches

Dancing during the reception

Celtic Dancing troupe as part of the entertainment for the guestsCeltic Dance Fusion gave a great demonstration of “Riverdance-style” Irish dancing

Groom and Best Man learning to dance - Celtic StyleFollowing some brief instruction – the groom and best man were performing some very impressive leaps and other dancing feats.

Bride watching her husband dancing (and jumping !)Anne-Marie naturally thougt this was all great fun – and everyone was suitable impressed

Sign with "and they lived happily ever after"And so they did…………