Bridal Makeup Sample - Makeup by Sugarcube Makeup, Hair by Claire Walsh, Model Jovita

What’s this doing on a photography website you might well ask ?

The answer is simple – the makeup you wear on your wedding day will have a big impact on your wedding photographs. Naturally, you want to look your best as your wedding album is intended to last a lifetime. I know that some types of makeup work better in photographs. However, not having any specific expertise in this area, I asked Audrey O’Brien of Sugarcube Makeup to give me some tips to pass on.

This is her list of tips – geared towards wedding makeup :

  1. If getting a facial before the big day, always get them a few weeks before as facials bring everything to the surface of the skin and can sometimes results in blemishes
  2. Try and stick to Matt shadows and nothing too shimmery and glittery as these can be very reflective in wedding photos
  3. Avoid too much highlighter and shimmer on the cheekbones as this can look grey/white in photos
  4. Whether you are doing makeup yourself or getting a professional to do it, it’s always a good idea to have a trial done, as this way you can try out different looks. But, remember you still want to look yourself, so if you don’t wear a lot of makeup usually, then you’re better off keeping makeup natural and fresh
  5. If you’re wearing a strong lip colour, for example red lipstick, to stop it from bleeding, use liner and also use a small amount of translucent powder just around your lip line
  6. Don’t forget to add a bit of colour to your cheeks by using blusher, as wearing white can make you look washed out and you want to look healthy and glowing in your wedding photos
  7. If getting false lashes applied, you’re best to get them done on the morning of your wedding as this way they will last longer
  8. Avoid makeup looks that can be dated (for example blue shadow) as you want to look back at these photos in years to come and not cringe at your makeup !
  9. Use a primer/under makeup base before applying your foundation as this will make your makeup last longer
  10. All you need for your bag is lipstick and powder to take away shine, if your makeup is applied properly that morning it should really last you all day

Thanks Audrey – you can visit her website here : Sugarcube Makeup

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