Just thought I’d post some photos from a recent wedding. Donna & Jason got married in Mount Argus church and had their reception in the Round Room in the Mansion House in Dawson St. (with pre-reception drinks in Café en Seine). It was my first time to have a reception there, and I was very impressed with the lighting and overall setup. (Mind you, although the lighting was fantastic – it made some of the the photography more difficult e.g. The Wedding Cake). There is also a balcony running around most of the room. This was very convenient to get overview photos of the guests and the reception room.

Mansion House Dublin, Round Room Entrance and Dublin Coat of Arms

Outside of the Mansion House showing the Dublin City Coat of Arms

Wedding reception setup - Mansion House round room

Table settings in the Round Room. The wedding cake was lit by a very bright spotlight, and I used the reflected light from this to light the photo of the Bride & Groom shown below.

Wedding couple lit by reflected light from the Wedding Cake

View of the round room showing the elaborate lighting setup

Wedding Guests at their tables

String Quartet playing during the wedding reception

A string quartet entertained the guests at the start of the reception

Wedding int he Round Room, Mansion House Dublin

Overview of guests at the reception

Wedding Top Table views at a Mansion House wedding reception - held in the Round Room

Some views of the guests and the top table