This wedding day started with the Bridal party getting ready in the Sutton Marine Hotel – conveniently located for the ceremony in Raheny Church. On the morning, the weather outlook wasn’t particularly hopeful, but things did improve later during the day.

Apart from our wedding meetings, I had met Brigitte & Brendan previously, at a wedding for a friend of theirs. The Bridal party were all getting ready at the hotel, with the groom going directly to the church.

Bride's shoes and dress detsil

Bridal preparation, Wedding bouquets and shoes

The bridal party had a number of rooms for themselves, and one was dedicated to hair and makeup.

Wedding dress laid out on the bed

The wedding dress displayed on a bed in the bride’s room.

Bride having a quiet moment for herself, before putting-on the wedding dress

When her hair & makeup was finished, Brigitte had a few quiet minutes to herself while the bridesmaids continued their own preparations. By now, as you can see, the weather was looking much better – with blue skies and sunshine.

Bridesmaids and Mum help the bride to get ready and adjust the dress

Bride getting ready with a humorous accessory

No comment !

Bride & Mother

Father sees his daughter in her wedding dress

The above photos show the bride with her Mother & Father, before leaving for the church

Church of Our Lady Mother of Divine Grace in Raheny, Dublin

The Church of Our Lady Mother of Divine Grace in Raheny. Outdoors – still sunny, but cold

Groom and groomsmen at the church

The groom, Brendan, and his groomsmen

Bridal processional

Bride & her Father - processional

Couple during the wedding ceremony in Raheny Church

Church overview (with PomPoms), unity candle lighting

In this view of the church, you can see the PomPoms ready for use by the guests after the wedding

View of couple and guests during the wedding ceremony in Raheny Church

Bride & Groom exit the church - with PomPoms on display

Rather than the usual receiving line, all the guests exited first, and prepared for action. Lots of vigorous shaking of the PomPoms once the bride and groom emerged.

Photos outside the church - it was sunny, but cold

Something to keep the bride warm, while posing at the church

Bride & Groom leave the church in their weddiing car

Bride & Groom, outside the church – before setting off for the wedding reception in Rathsallagh House

Majestic tree in the grounds of Rathsallagh House Hotel - lit up at night

Prominent tree on the lawn in front of Rathsallagh

Entrance to Rathsallagh - Bride & Groom

Because the weather was a little dodgy, and there had been a few showers, we decided to get out into the grounds as soon as possible for photos

Portraits around the grounds

Brigitte’s sister watching proceedings from an upstairs window

Garden Photo in Rathsallagh

Bride showing the dress - on front of a tree in Rathsallagh

Couple portraits

Couple stroll in the Orangery

Couple in the orangery

Groom & Bride in the orangery

Another orangery couple portrait

Bride inspired to pose by one of the Rathsallagh bathrooms

Brigitte had chosen their bridal suite rooms because of the bathroom ! So, getting some photos there was too good an opportunity to miss

Bride & Groom with a tree at twilight - with an interesting sky for a background

The sun was setting by this stage – and we managed a few quick photos using the tree as a backdrop.

Bride and her father share a toast

Bridesmaids and bride

Some family and group photos

Wedding party photo at Rathsallagh

A sample of the family and wedding party photos taken indoors

Bride posed on a sofa

Bride posing on the sofa

Table settings int he Reception room at Rathsallagh

The reception room tables and layouts

Wedding "Cake" - a very French Croquembouce and two macaron towers

The wedding “cake” – actually a croquembouche and macaron towers

Wedding rings displayed on the cake

Wedding rings closeup using the cakes

Bride & Groom arrive for the reception

Bride and groom cut (break !) the croquembouch

Breaking, not cutting the cake !

General view of the guests in the reception room at Rathsallagh

Overview of the guests during the reception

Twilight view of Rathsallagh House Hotel from under the tree (which is outlined with lightbulbs)

Final view of Rathsallagh at night – a magical location