This is a wedding I photographed back in March – hence the statue of St. Patrick you can see in a few of the church photos ! You may also notice the very personal brooch bouquets in the photos – these were made by Rosanna’s Mother – and include many items of special significance to the family.

Rosanna’s family home is close to the Rosminian Chapel in Drumcondra – and this church is important to herself and her family. Following the ceremony there, we moved on to the Royal Marine Hotel in Dun Laoghaire for the main reception.

As so often happens in Ireland, the weather varied from bright sun to big raindrops through the day. Overall though – it all worked out very well.

I’ve added a selection of images from the day below :

Flowers and makeup

Makeup time !

Bouquet ribbon

Sister & Mum help to lace up the wedding dress

Bride & her sister (a bridesmaid)

Bride & her sister (a bridesmaid)

Another one of the Bride and her sister


Heart in bouquet

Bridal Portrait

Bride & veil at home

Sister makes a phone call (silhouette)

Wedding Car with Bride & Groom

Early spring flowers at the church

Groom & best Man at the church door

Bridal Party (including Dad) walking to the church door

Bride & Father walk up the aisle (processional)

Bride & her father walk up the aisle - processional

General view of church and guests

Bride & Groom during the ceremony

Bride & Groom during the ceremony

Holding hands during the marriage ceremony

Lighting the unity candle

Flute player (a family member)

Flute player (a family member)

Groom and Best Man wait for the bride

Statue of St. Patrick in the church - for the time of year

Statue of St. Patrick in the church – for the time of year

Groom signing the register

Leaving the church - the recessional

Chauffeur getting ready to pour the champagne

Bride and Groom wait int he car

Wedding Car in front of the Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghaire

Bride & Groom in the Royal Marine Hotel entrance doorway

Rosanna & Cian in the Royal Marine Hotel hallway

Bride & Groom in the hallway

Bridal portrait

Bride & Groom reflected in mirrors

Multiple reflections of the bride at the Royal Marine hotel

Wedding Cake with pink ribbons

Hands & Rings