Some recent photos from a wedding where the reception was held in Slane Castle. A very interesting location, with lots of memorabilia around from the many open-air concerts held there in Summers gone by.


The wedding ceremony was held in nearby Rathfeigh Church

Front of Slane Castle

View of the Slane Castle frontage – the more distant view are from the main road, some distance away

Interior details in Slane Castle

Interior details of Slane Castle – lots of candles used

Entrance Hall with Wedding Cake and flowers

Wedding cake and bouquets in the main entrance hall. A drinks reception was also held in this area to greet the guests as they arrived

Bridal portraits on the staircase

Bridal portraits on the staircase

Couple portraits at the castle tower

View of the couple and a castle tower

Round Ballroom used for the main reception

The main wedding reception was held in the Round Ballroom – a great room with a magnificent ceiling

Couple have a quiet moment before entering the reception room

The couple having a quiet moment before going in for the main reception

Wedding reception in the round ballroom, Slane Castle

Overview of the main reception