Pauline & Mukesh were married in Dún Laoghaire on a sunny, hot August day. The ceremony and the reception all took place close to the town, and we managed to visit two different harbours during the morning. As an intercultural wedding, there were elements of both Irish and Indian traditions incorporated throughout the day.

The day started with Pauline getting ready in the “Frank Sinatra Suite” of the Royal Marine Hotel. This is an extremely spacious suite located at the top of the hotel, with great views over the harbour and across the bay to Howth Head. Following this, we had arranged a “first look” where the Bride & Groom met before the ceremony. This took place in Bulloch Harbour – and I drove Mukesh there to wait for the Wedding Car with Pauline to arrive. It’s a much quieter and more private location for this, than the main Dún Laoghaire piers – though we visited the East Pier later anyway.

Following their emotion-filled meeting, we returned to the Royal Marine Hotel, for a short break, before the Wedding Ceremony itself. This was a civil ceremony in the bright Assembly Hall of the Old Town Hall on Marine Road. This is now incorporated into the modern council offices. However, it retains traces of its origins with the KTC (for Kingstown Town Council) acronym still present in parts. You can see how the rest of the day proceeded described along with the photos which follow below.

Bride getting ready in the "Frank Sinatra Suite" of the Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghaire

Wedding Shoes and Wedding Dress (Dun Laoghaire harbour in the background)

Groom at Bulloch Harbour for "First Look"

Waiting down by Bulloch Harbour for the bride to arrive for the “First Look”.

Bride & Groom together for the "First Look"

Bride & Groom relaxing at Bulloch Harbour

Bride & Groom with their Wedding Car at the Royal Marine Hotel in Dun Laoghaire

Royal Marine Hotel & Wedding Car

DLR County Hall Offices - KTC is "Kingston Town Council" on the stairs

The Old Town Hall in Dún Laoghaire – showing the some reminders of Kingstown Town Council

Ceremony Room

Inside the Assembly Hall in the (now) DLR Council Offices

Wedding Rings, Ring Bearer and guests

Bride at the County Hall before the Ceremony

Wedding Processional

During the Wedding Ceremony

Bride & Groom

Wedding Ceremony - including "Tying the Knot"

A “handfasting” element was included at the end of the ceremony, with family members from both sides participating

Wedding Recessional

Bride & Groom portrait on the Spiral Staircase

Following the ceremony, there was time for some photos with the picturesque original spiral staircase in the Old Town Hall

Couple kiss ont he Spiral Staircase in DLR County Offices

Stairs with couple and guests

Wedding party and confetti in Dun Laoghaire

A little confetti throwing outside the main entrance

Couple portraits along the seafront Queen's Road in Dun Laoghaire

Photos on Queens Road, along the seafront

Teddy's Ice Cream on the pier for the Wedding Party

No visit to Dún Laoghaire would be complete without a Teddy’s Ice Cream – even on a wedding day – here we found a convenient van along the East Pier

Couple in the Royal Marine Hotel

Table details and setup in the main Reception Room of the Royal Marine Hotel

Speeches during the reception

Wedding rings and wedding cake

Cutting the Wedding Cake

Petals ready for the "Ring Game" or "Fish the Ring"

Bowl of flower petals for the “Ring Game” or “Fish the Ring”. This is a traditional and fun game where the rings are hidden at the bottom of the bowl. The Bride & Groom then try to retrieve the rings. Whoever gets them first is set to have the upper hand in the relationship ! Of course the families join in to thwart the opposite partner and help their own. It’s just for fun and helps to break the ice between the two families.

Couple and Guests playing the Ring Gane

First Dance as a married couple

Guests Dancing

Couple "Thank-You"