(Update : now renamed Cliff at Lyons)

I know it’s a few months since I posted here – but I’ve been really busy – both photographing, and doing all the background work involved in the Wedding Business. I’m also guilty of keeping my Facebook business page more up-to-date than here. I will post more wedding and other photos here shortly, but in the meantime, here’s a selection I took on a recent visit to the Village at Lyons – near Celbridge. I think it’s a wonderful wedding venue – and I was meeting a wedding couple there to discuss the final details of their wedding and plan some photo locations as well. It also shows that there was at least one really sunny day this year !

Railing on bridge to the entrance

Indoors - beautiful light in a corridor

Tables, chairs, sun, shadows

Statue with surprisingly human features

Main entrance to Cliff at Lyons

Side view of bridge to entrance of Cliff at Lyons

Stair detail - Cliff at Lyons

Doves & dovecot

Statue in the sun

Lake with fountain

Lake and fountain in the Cliff at Lyons grounds

Dog statue with mossy coat of hair

As a footnote – it rained all day for the actual wedding 🙁