Over the past few year or so, the National Maritime Museum in Dún Laoghaire had been quietly hosting wedding ceremonies, without much promotion. So, far, all of these had been performed by non-HSE registrars (e.g. Humanists). The event shown here was the very first wedding held there to be solemnised by a HSE (Civil) Solemniser. Following a recent Wedding Fair, and growing word-of-mouth, I think this will become an even more popular venue in the future. It has many unique features as a venue – and is well worth visiting even apart from weddings. As a former church, it retains some traditional features, but operates as a completely secular venue. For those who don’t want a religious ceremony, but like the sense of occasion present in church buildings, this could combine the best of both worlds.

Johana & Conor had their ceremony there on an early Winter’s day. The clocks had already gone back, and it was getting dark by the time the ceremony was finished and the important family photos completed.

Wedding Ceremony, National Maritime Museum, Dun Laoghaire, Ireland

Interior details before the ceremony

Conor arrived early to help setup some extra lanterns along the aisle

Groom photographed with his mother

Some pre-wedding family & friends photos

Groom forgot the wedding rings - got them from car

While waiting for the bride to arrive, Conor remembered that he had left the all-important wedding rings in his car boot ! Luckily, he made it back in time, before Johana arrived.

Bride and flower girls arrive

The lovely flower girls seemed to be impressed by the museum, but were freezing in the bitter wind. They did remove their coats briefly, for a few quick photos (below).

Bride and flower girls photographed outdoors

Walking to the rear entrance of the National Maritime Museum

Bride and Flower Girls walking in

Boat and sail as a background to the bride and flower girls arrival

Bide & Groom, inside the museum during the ceremony

Lighting the ceremonial candles

Civil wedding ceremony

The wedding ceremony, with the impressive former Baily Lighthouse optic in the background. This is lit from the inside, and normally rotates – however, it is usually stopped during the wedding ceremony to avoid any distractions.

Now Husband and Wife - light the unity candle and kiss

Recessional - Bride & Groom

The newlyweds did a quick loop around the outside, and returned to greet their guests and for some family photos

Couple re-enter to greet the guests

Couple portraits near the DLR Lexicon

We moved very quickly down to the harbour, past the DLR Lexicon, as it was rapidly getting dark

Couple by the harbour at dusk

Dun Laoghaire Harbour Portrait

Couple with Sandycove int he background

Couple portrait beside the cannon on the East Pier, Dun Laoghaire

Some photos above with Sandycove in the background

By the outdoor gardens of the Haddington

The lights of The Haddington Garden, with the lights of Dún Laoghaire pier in the background

Cake and flowers int he Haddington Reception Room

General views of the Haddington reception room

Couple toast each other

Exterior of the Haddington in Dun Laoghaire

A final few photos outside the Haddington – showing some extra Christmas lights