I try to keep my Wedding Photography Prices clear and transparent. I also aim to explain what is and isn’t included, and what might be an additional charge. However, my packages are structured to include all the absolute essentials already.
For anyone booking a professional photographer for the first time. It can be confusing, and I’ve written some ideas on How to choose your Photographer.  This includes ideas on what you should check for in any packages offered.

Wedding Website Surveys – Average Photographer Prices 2020

So, how much does a Wedding Photographer cost in Ireland ? Three of the Irish Wedding Websites and a newspaper have carried out pricing surveys in recent years, and this can give you a ballpark figure for wedding photography. However, bear in mind that these are average prices, based on the amounts spent in the previous year. They take no account of :


  • The photographer’s skill and experience level
  • Exactly what is included (e.g. album, digital images etc.)
  • Hours of coverage
  • Travel or any additional expenses


Having said that, here are the figures :


Weddings Online

January 2017 : Photographer  €1562

January 2018 : Photographer  €1597

January 2019 : Photographer €1671

January 2020 : Photographer €1674

January 2021 : Photographer €1607

Independent – Style

2019 : Photographer €2145

One Fab Day

Unspecified Date : Photographer €2000-€4000


2017 : Photographer €1722

2018 : Photographer €1615

2019 : Photographer €1657

2020 : Photographer €1890

Sources are linked from the dates above